Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Clean Slate Patterns

Have you heard of Blank Slate Patterns? If not, you should check them out. You should check out Melly's blog too. She is the brains behind the patterns and is amazingly talented. Her boys are adorable too. 

I've been sewing up some of her patterns. I have tons more cut out ready to sew, but I can only do so many projects a night. 

So here is the Beachy Boatneck Shirt paired with the Schoolday Skirt:

And then the Clean Slate Shorts:

And here's the action shots:

And yes, both of them are wearing the same shirt. I originally made it for Aevarie, but when Gavin saw how big it was on her he declared that it should be his. He loves it and wants me to make more. It has been declared the most "comfortable" shirt ever. :D

I did modify the shorts too. My son is almost 10, but wears size 12 pants for the length, but seriously has the waist of a 6 year old. I just added 2 inches to the length and think they turned out perfect! :D Oh, and the pockets were one of those awesome mistakes that afterwards you just say you originally planned them that way.......

He also made me laugh cause when we were pulling up all the photos he said, "Mum, I have GIRL hair!" Ummmm, yes. But it's beautiful hair and when I asked him if he wanted to cut it, he said no. It's getting super close to his goal to donate it. It will be so weird when he does have it cut! 

Anyways, those are my most recent Blank Slate Pattern projects. Seriously check her out. :D 

Oh, and Gavin wanted me to post how awesome these are to do Handstands in. He is getting so good at this stuff! 

Have a great and happy day!!

Note: In no way was I paid for my review. Melly's patterns are just incredible and again, I just want to share the love!

Riding Pants by Me Sew Crazy

I really love to pattern test. It's just so much fun and the women who make these patterns are incredibly talented. This week I got to pattern test for Jess from Me Sew Crazy.  

Jess came up with these Riding Pants that are just adorable! I love that they are a more "classy" step up from regular leggings. 

I used some zebra stripe stretchy jersey fabric. For the buttons I thought I would have fun and try out fabric covered buttons. I used a shocking pink microfiber material for the patch and to cover the buttons. I really can't believe how easy these were to put together! :D 

Love the button tab detail on the leg!

I paired these with the "Lucky Cat" tunic from Ottobre 1/2013. I think it makes a great combo. :D

These leggings are on sale now here.
You should definitely go get them! These are ones we will be making more of!

Note: In no way was I paid for my review. I just love this pattern and wanted to share that love!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Color Block Dress by Heidi & Finn

I've been following Heidi & Finn's blog for a while now. I really love their patterns and have been dying to pattern test for them. So on Thursday when I saw them post for pattern testers, I jumped on it! 
This is for their "Color Block Dress". She said we could dress it up however we like, but when my eyes fell on these linen solids that I had in my stash, I couldn't resist and ended up keeping it how it was. I've knick-named it her "Color mixing dress". Cause you know, yellow and blue make green. :D Does anyone else knick-name their kids outfits? 

The greatest part? I totally got all the seams lined up! Although I really have to credit the pattern for that. Heidi & Finn do amazing jobs with their patterns and step by step instructions! 

Now, one thing I need to clarify, this dress is supposed to be knee length. But if you notice, this girl is all legs. I wonder where she could have gotten that from..... ;P

Aevaries favorite part was the button closure. She thought it was the greatest thing ever that I used one of her ponytail holders (a tip from Heidi & Finn!). She went on and on about it. That girl cracks me up!

You should check out Heidi & Finns Facebook page for more looks here and their Flickr page. I'm seriously blown out of the water with the other versions of this dress!
The pattern should be released soon and if you havn't already, check out all their other amazing patterns here!

Just a note: I was in no way paid from Heidi & Finn for my review. I just love her patterns!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Project Run and Play Week 1 - ART

I really love sewing along with Project Run and Play and their new season starts Monday. This season is going to be different than the others and I am so excited about it! 

The first weeks theme is "Inspired by Art". I had a few ideas floating around and then I remembered doing "Picasso Paintings" in school and how much fun that was and I loved the idea of getting the kids involved. 

Here is one of Picasso's paintings:

Now, I have to admit, with the time frame and everything in life being crazy, I cheated and instead of having the kids draw their own face like I originally planned, I grabbed this picture off-line and let Aevarie cut it out. 

I used Heidi & Finns "Playday Dress" as my starting point. Just cause that dress screams comfy and fun. 
Aevarie loves it and thinks this dress is hilarious. 

She wore it to school the next day and was so excited to show everyone her funny person. When she got in the car after school she told me that the kids just told her the dress was weird and that none of them thought it was funny.  Our school could do with some "culture". lol 
I'm glad to say that hasn't stopped her from loving it!

So, that is our "Picasso" Dress. :D

I'm so excited to see what everyone else comes up with for this weeks challenge!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Popolok Designs Nova Top

About a week(ish) ago, Alviana from Popolok Designs sent me an email asking if I would be interested in testing her newest pattern the "Nova Top and Dress". I said yes immediately. 

I started off making this in the size 8 since I've been more geared into making my oldest daughter more clothes. The younger two have a ridiculous amount of hand-me-downs. When I finished making it, Aevarie kept complaining saying it was too tight, and the length was a little short. She's grown half an inch since I made the Cece Top and Dress. That girl is just growing like a weed! Anyways, I just decided that I would have the next girl in line model it for me. 

As you can see, it really doesn't look bad on her at all. I still wanted to make one that would fit though so I could give Alviana accurate feedback on the sizing. My Zoe was a perfect sizing for the size 5, so we started again. I know the fabric choices on this one is a little out there, but we have these certain shoes that just so needed another outfit to wear them with! 

I really love the little cap sleeves. And yes, this child cannot take a serious picture for the life of her. 

Of course I did get Aevarie to model for me after all. It is still snug on her, but I'm hoping we can get at least a week of wear before the kid shoots up some more! 

And just cause Paisley wanted to get in on some of the pictures:

See those little pants Paisley is wearing? Zoe was originally going to wear them with her shirt (hence the reason I chose that fabric for the top) but, Paisley had them on so fast I just couldn't take them off her. 
I seriously love those shoes and I love Alviana's patterns! 
Check out her etsy shop!

In no way was I paid for my review. I love Popolok Designs patterns and wanted to share that love!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Fever Remix - Boy Style

For the boy, I had to think outside the box a bit. It couldn't be a dress, for starters. And we definitely were not going to add ruffles. I've already been parading him everywhere with a pink blanket, no need to further damage him.

I had been thinking about all of the details of the dress. It had a bib front and 4 layers to the skirt. That I could work with for a boy. I started off with the Charlie shirt pattern by Zonen09 mostly because of the way the front was. I modified it to make a square bodice. I also thought about adding a button closure to the front, but thought this look would be fine without it. Then I taped off 4 stripes to paint in reference to the 4 layers. I know the final shirt has 5 stripes. I was slightly messy and a 5th stripe became necessary.

Then since I'm on summer mode, I made him some shorts using the Clean Slate Pants/shorts/capris pattern by Blank Slate Patterns. I've never done welt pockets before and have been dying to try them! But sadly, the size I made is HUGE on Jude and will fit Paisley instead. So for this photo shoot, I just put him in some Skinny Jeans I made him a couple months ago. 

And here's when my little guy had had enough

And a peek to see if I was watching or still taking pics....

The best part about this shirt is that I made it reversible. Since it's still freezing here, the added layer is nice.

I know you have got to be sick of pictures, but I had to add this one! I totally caught a sneeze in action!

Look at that spit!!

Now head over to Project Run and Play to see all of the other amazing remix's!