Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hipster Plaid

I am running really last minute here. I had originally planned to make this outfit while I was at the Sewing Summit, but umm.....Sewing Summit was way too awesome and I was sidetracked by a million things, so it didn't happen. Then when I got home I had 3 pattern tests that I needed to get done, so this outfit kept getting pushed back and pushed back. 

Tuesday I had declared that I was just going to skip it. 

Then Wednesday night came and I had an awesome friend tell me to get with the program and get my outfit finished. 

So here is my Hipster Plaid. 
(And yes, I finished this at 1am this morning. lol)

The Sweater is the David Shirt from Ottobre 4/2013. I omitted all of the pockets on it. I used strips of knit to kind of be a enlarged mirror image of the plaid in the shirt on the front and just topstitched it together. It's not all across the shirt to give it a more hipster/edgy look.

The pants are the Chillax pants from Ottobre 1/2013. I LOVE these pants. I am dead serious when I say that I am drafting up a pair of these for me. 
The only thing I changed is using the plaid instead of knit for the pockets (gave it that pop of plaid) and then I added cuffs at the bottom. I wanted them to be a bit longer so that they will last all winter and the cuffs were a perfect solution.

The Plaid button-up shirt is Peek-a-boo Patterns Classic Oxford Shirt. This shirt was a really last minute decision. I had planned to make the sweater have a hood, but then realized I didn't have enough knit for that, so a collared shirt was just what it needed to finish off the look.

In all, this outfit was perfect. I used my stash (except I DID buy the dark teal knit while at Sewing Summit...shhhh), and this outfit was a need and will be used a TON this winter.

Just showing off more pics of my silly baby boy who is growing FAR too fast!

Thank you Crys for pushing me to finish this look! I really love it and know Jude will wear it a ton! 

Loving all the plaid looks!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Compagnie M Mara Blouse Tour and GIVEAWAY!

A while ago (June to be exact) I got the opportunity to pattern test this really REALLY adorable shirt for Compagnie M. If you haven't been to her blog, you should go. She has some really fun free patterns and her stuff is just gorgeous! Today, I am really excited to be able to share Compagnie M.'s first pattern, the Mara Blouse, which will be available October 1st. You also have the chance to win the pattern, so keep reading!

Here is my version of the Mara Blouse.

What is there not to love about this shirt?? It is darling. I love the front and the little flutter sleeves. BUT this pattern doesn't stop there and gives you different sleeve options and a dress length! 
It comes in sizes 12M to 10 Years (amazing range!) 
You also have the option of butterfly, flutter, long sleeves or sleeveless. The flutter sleeve & long sleeve can also be combined for a cute little twist. 
Two tutorials to easily adjust the blouse to a basic A-line dress or a gathered skirt dress. Detailed drawings will guide you through this process.

I just made the shirt with flutter sleeves, but I really can't wait to make more. 

Always have to add a personality picture.

Thank you Marte for having me be a part of your tour!

And now, enter for your chance to win this pattern!

Giveaway is now closed and the winner is:

Check your email for you copy!! 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do Guincho Bubble Shorts

I am so excited to be a part of Marta From Do Guincho's first pattern tour!

These Bubble shorts are really cute and a pretty quick sew. I even learned something new from her tutorial!
They come in sizes 2-8 which is always great!

Now, I have to warn you. My girls are usually really laid back with letting me choose what they wear, but there are days that they get very opinionated and have to have things their way.....

And that of course had to be that way with these shorts. 

Aevarie INSISTED that this was the perfect shirt, necklace, socks and shoes to wear with these shorts. And no amount of begging, pleading and down right bribing changed her mind. 

I made the size 8 shorts and this girl is ALL leg. 

 Aevarie was also very insistent that this photo shoot needed a stick mustache.....

Oh boy. 

So what do we do?? We go to the next girl in line and hope for a better shoot....

I liked the fit on Zoe better, even though she insisted on wearing mismatched shoes, which you didn't even notice until I said that. lol 

Things were going great until my camera battery died. The fates were not on my side with this one. 

Thankfully, my mother had a camera that I was able to use! 
It's just not as nice....but don't tell her I said that....

Zoe loved the shorts and didn't want to take them off.
She was jumping rocks, chasing lizards, looking for drift wood, climbing trees and swinging and these kept her nice and "proper". lol 

The best part is, the rest of this month Do Guincho is having a special 20% off sale by using the code: RELEASE1  in her etsy shop.

That will make them only $4!!! 

You can't pass up a deal like that!! 

You should also check out everyone elses' versions on her tour! 

Thank you again Marta! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pulled Taffy Pullover

So it's "Candy" week over at Project Run and Play. I had quite a few different ideas. All in very very different directions. This is what I ended up with:

Pulled Taffy Pullover with Candy Stripe Leggings

And yeah, Aevarie's a gumball.

Now, I dyed, painted and flipped the fizzle pops out of this outfit. 

I started off with a white knit sheet. I dyed it orange and got this super cool tie dye look going, which to me looks kind of like pulled taffy.

 I used the Recess Raglan pattern, but wanted to add something to it. So, I traced out an apothecary jar (like one of the ones from the fabric lining her hood) onto some freezer paper, ironed that "sucker" on and painted candy in it. 

Then once I got the arms sewn onto the back and front, realized that the size I cut out was HUGE on Aevarie. So we went with it. I added a band to the bottom, made some really long cuffs and added a hood. I also added pockets AFTER the fact. Too much candy on the brain. lol

The leggings were made from some fun green and turquoise knit (that I just love). 
We painted the candies in the shirt to match them. 

Too, it's perfect for the upcoming season for her to wear to school. 

I also added words to the back.....And so you know, Bubble gum SHOULD be spelled buggle gum. At least that's what my brain has decided. Again, way too much candy on my brain!

And for being such a great sport about taking pictures, Aevarie got herself an invisible sucker! (They're the best kind you know!)

I really can't wait to see what everyone else makes for Candy week! 

I also may or may not have been eating chocolate and sour patch watermelons the whole time I've been writing this.....Apparently Project Run and Play wanted me to gain 10lbs before the sewing summit......

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Project Run and Play Girl Flip

After I made Jude's Jacket, I started thinking that with a little more adjustment, the pattern I made would make a great raglan tee or dress. Since I hadn't made a girl flip for this week, I figured I could make Paisley or Zoe (since they are both almost the same size) a little knit dress for school.
Now, this is more of a 180 on the flip, where Judes Jacket was a total 360, but I love having great pieces that are really versatile and get worn a lot!

I kept the strap at the top in honor of the O+S Popover and I think it brings some interest to the front. 
We put the sleeves on too. Especially since you can now feel that Autumn chill in the air.

The knit has little pink roses all over it, so we used that color knit for the strap, pockets and neck binding for some contrast.

We're not really a "shoe" family. I mean, my kids love shoes, but when it gets down to it, they're really more like shoe hoarders then actual shoe wearers. So obviously both girls didn't wear shoes when taking pictures. 
Paisley loved the pockets and this child is a ham when taking pictures. 
The older girls have their "camera pose" all mastered, but Paisley.....she's herself. Which makes me happy! 

Although we did snag this pic! Makes you think she's got that "pose" down.....

Zoe on the other hand.....

Cheekiness is written all over that adorable little face. And that bottom picture? That's her "ant" interpretation, but come on, I didn't need to tell you that. It's quite obvious. :)

I'm excited to make Jude a bunch of shirts from this pattern too. 

You can check out Judes coat here

Can't wait for next week!! Candy theme. You can't go wrong with a theme like that!