Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Do Guincho Bubble Shorts

I am so excited to be a part of Marta From Do Guincho's first pattern tour!

These Bubble shorts are really cute and a pretty quick sew. I even learned something new from her tutorial!
They come in sizes 2-8 which is always great!

Now, I have to warn you. My girls are usually really laid back with letting me choose what they wear, but there are days that they get very opinionated and have to have things their way.....

And that of course had to be that way with these shorts. 

Aevarie INSISTED that this was the perfect shirt, necklace, socks and shoes to wear with these shorts. And no amount of begging, pleading and down right bribing changed her mind. 

I made the size 8 shorts and this girl is ALL leg. 

 Aevarie was also very insistent that this photo shoot needed a stick mustache.....

Oh boy. 

So what do we do?? We go to the next girl in line and hope for a better shoot....

I liked the fit on Zoe better, even though she insisted on wearing mismatched shoes, which you didn't even notice until I said that. lol 

Things were going great until my camera battery died. The fates were not on my side with this one. 

Thankfully, my mother had a camera that I was able to use! 
It's just not as nice....but don't tell her I said that....

Zoe loved the shorts and didn't want to take them off.
She was jumping rocks, chasing lizards, looking for drift wood, climbing trees and swinging and these kept her nice and "proper". lol 

The best part is, the rest of this month Do Guincho is having a special 20% off sale by using the code: RELEASE1  in her etsy shop.

That will make them only $4!!! 

You can't pass up a deal like that!! 

You should also check out everyone elses' versions on her tour! 

Thank you again Marta! 


  1. Hi Karly!
    Your shorts look absolutely lovely!
    But I actually like them better on Aeverie... The fitting is perfect and I really do like little girls with short skirts and short shorts.
    But I'm glad to ear that Zoe didn't want to take them off!
    Thank you so much for your help!

  2. ahahah I totally would go unnoticing the mismatched shoes! I love the color of your shorts. =) Can't wait to have a little time to start mine too.

  3. These shorts are suuuuuper cute. I'v to get them for the girl!