Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The New School Year

We're heading into the second week of school starting, but I wanted to post the kids first day of school pictures. 

Aevarie started 1st grade. And I couldn't resist adding her pictures from Kindergarten and Preschool. I'm noticing a "hair-up" trend going on......

Gavin started 5th grade. Pretty bitter sweet since this is his last year in Elementary! I can't believe how big he is getting!!

I don't have all of Gavins "First Day of School" photo's on this computer, but we have from 2nd grade up. lol

They will also be getting school pictures soon! They are loving school and their teachers and seeing their friends! 

Happy Start of school everyone!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hanami Test

I had the pleasure of testing the Hanami pattern from Straight Grain. I was so excited when I saw the email saying I had be chosen as a tester!

A great thing about this pattern is that it has LOTS of options.

Cross-over back
Hidden zipper back
Peter pan collar (not doable with the cross-over)
No collar
Flutter sleeves
Tulip sleeves
Top with flounce

It was so hard to choose what to do!

I went with the peter pan collar, so that nixed out the cross-over back (PHEW - that choice was made!). Then I chose to do flutter sleeves and to make it a top.

The next hard part. What fabrics to choose!! All of An's outfits are so darling. I didn't want to ruin this top with a horrible fabric selection.

In the end I went with Cruzin by Henry Glass and then a red fabric for that 'POP'.

We went out to the lake to meet up with family and even though I had grabbed some shots at the beginning of our day, we didn't get many good ones. So I figured we could grab some more after she went out on a paddle boat.....

This is the attitude we got after the paddle boat ride.....

Quinoa worthy, if I say so myself. We obviously had to take pictures another day! 

She was in a much happier and sillier mood this time round!

I really love this top and can't wait to make a dress version, and another top....and another....

Another great thing about the Hanami is that it goes to size 10! I did a little happy dance when I found that out. My oldest girly is in a size 8 and is at the the last sizing for most patterns. I'm so excited that I have a couple more years to use this pattern!

Thank you so much An for letting me test for you!!
And again, you can grab your copy here!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Saffron Twirl Dress Release!

I am pleased to announce the release of my first pattern, the Saffron Twirl Dress

I cannot tell you what an awesome (and sometimes hard and crazy) adventure it has been to make this pattern.

I had a lovely and amazing bunch of women test my pattern for me and I am so grateful to them!! This pattern wouldn't be nearly as awesome without them. 

Here's some of the tester photos:

And some of the testers made more than one dress and have some fun twists on the dresses. Follow the links for more pictures, tutorials and templates! 

And if you want some inspiration, Mae from The Life of a Compulsive Crafter changed up the button tab for an adorable bow

And just cause I can't resist, here's a few pics of the ones I've made.

Notice that I said "some" of the tester photos? Well, a few of my testers have plans up their sleeves, so you're just going to have to hang in there! I am dying to have them show off their dresses! 

Don't forget to, the introductory sale of $6 ends next Monday!! 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

School Shopping

This year has been so incredibly different then most. Most years, my kids are dying to go back to school by about 3 weeks into summer vacation, and I start getting antsy by the 9th week. This year, school REALLY snuck up on us though. I realized last night that school starts this Monday and we haven't prepared at all! Grandma DID buy them some pencil cases, but beyond that......

So today I took the kids up to do some school shopping. My number 1 place to go is always Old Navy. My husband helped me get the kids ready, we dropped my husband off at work, and I headed up with all the kids. I was in such a hurry (we had to get my husband back to work) that I didn't really pay any attention to what exactly my husband dressed the little girls in......Lets just say my usually very put together little girls were replaced by street urchins. 

Paisley was the worst in all pink (and all pink does NOT match), her shirt was dirty, there was a hole in her leggings by her bum, and her shoes were incredibly mismatched. At least there was one left shoe and one right shoe. Obviously I HAD to get those poor little kids a decent outfit from the clearance rack. 

We walked around the store for ages. First to the bathroom, and I was very proud of my girls getting that job done quickly and efficiently. There was quite a line that formed. 

Then we went to the backpack section. After all chose backpacks we walked over to the girls section to get Aevarie some shoes. Of course she was interested in the ones I thought were the most ugly, and I wont lie, I was beyond thrilled that they didn't have any in her size. Of course the little girls were taking their shoes off to try on shoes as well. Then after finding a pair she liked and that fit, we went over to the boys side to find Gavin some shoes. We found 1 pair in his size! I was so thankful that they had ones he liked! Too, he's in a size 5 now! When on earth did THAT happen?? 

Zoe and Paisley were still playing with their shoes, not putting them on. And if we had had a cart and I wasn't holding Jude, I would have just put them back on myself, but I didn't have THAT patience. I told them to grab their shoes and we were now going to fix the "street urchin" children problem. We found both girls a shirt and a pair of shorts each and we got them new shoes. 

We head up to the cash register and after paying for everything, I realize Paisleys mismatched shoes were NOT in the cart. I send Gavin to go take a quick look, and he couldn't find them, so then we all head back to into the store, retracing our steps. We ask employees. I'm asking Paisley if she remembered where she left them, which she is 3 and just pouted. I COULD have left and just hoped someone would find them, but one of them was from my absolutely favorite pair of shoes of theirs, AND it's over an hour drive from our house. I was NOT leaving that store without those shoes! 

After spending about 30 minutes looking, I finally find them on a shelf in a pile of shirts. PHEW! I know they're shoes, but one of them was my favorite!! 

I also loved all the glares I was receiving as I was herding my hoard of children around, asking my 3 year old over and over if she left them over here? What about over there?? 

Finally we were able to leave the store!!

Maybe God knew I needed it, but as we walked out the front door a lady passing by saw me with all of my children and said, "You are awesome! Look at you go with all those kids!"

I can say that we are now ready for school!!! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013


School is in plain sight and with everyone getting things ready, new clothes being bought (or in my case made). Choosing out backpacks and pencil cases, I would like to take a minute and discuss something that has been getting a lot of highlights but still not discussed enough. 


When you think of bullying, you usually think of a giant kid stuffing a much smaller and nerdy kids head into a toilet. Sad to say that my son has had this happen to him. I can also go into personal experience and recite girls throwing rocks at me, kids calling me names, girls undoing my bra in the hallways at school....some people have it worse then others, but we ALL sadly, deal with bullying at many points in our lives. 

We've become aware of it. There's been discussions. But something happened today that made me really wonder if the message has gotten through to US? 

When I first joined the "Blogger world" I was amazed. These women are amazing. Sharing their experiences and crafty knowledge eagerly to anyone and everyone. Bringing each other up and helping.

Then the more I've gotten into it, I've started to see politics. There's a circle, clique, sewing country club, if you will, to it.
Then today I saw it. Bullying. 

I'm going to admit. I am still pretty outraged about it. It was uncalled for and childish. We are supposed to be here pulling each other up. Not tearing each other down. 

That also made me wonder. How do we expect our children to not bully others or to handle bullying, when we ourselves do it? Have we forgotten the old motto, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Do I need to bring out the Bambi?

I'm not making this post to call out or chastise. More to enlighten or hopefully make people more aware that we are all human. We have amazing talents and I know we all want to share our talents. We have no need to tear each other down. 

Too, good luck for school! I just found out that my 1st grader is going to probably be getting more homework then my 5th grader. Not going to lie.....I'm petrified! 

Happy School Days people!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Project Run and Play Try Out

It's that time again with Project Run & Play starting a new season! This was the very reason I actually started writing a blog. The biggest problem I keep coming up with is what project do I submit?? If you read my last post, you would see I have no shortage of items to choose from. But, I wanted it to be different. Showing off a bit more of my talent.

Then it hit me. For the last few months I have been drafting my own pattern. Slacking at times and needing my awesome sewing posse to kick my butt into gear, and it is nearly completed. I hope....

So, without further ado, I introduce to you:

The Saffron Twirl Dress.

Why did I name it Saffron? Well, Saffron is my little sisters name, who just so happens to share a birthday with me. And no, we are no where close to being twins! It is also what my blog name means in Swahili. Yeah, you better believe I just googled that to make sure!

Here's a whole bunch more pics to show off this dress.

Zoe LOVED twirling in it!

Both my girls were fighting over it today, so we got pics of both wearing it. I think that's the sign that I need to make another....

Here's to hoping I make the contest this season! :D

Friday, August 2, 2013


 I can't believe how quickly this summer went by. It's been a really weird summer. The weather has been weird. Life has been weird. It's just been a very different summer. Granted, we still have 18 days before school starts and summer officially ends for us. I was going back through all the pictures of our summer and cannot believe how much sewing I have accomplished! This is the majority of my summer projects. And, like I said, I still have 18 days left. Who knows what else I can accomplish in that time.

But, just so you guys know, I've not been idle this summer. My blog has been suffering, but I have been a busy busy bee!

Happy August everyone!!!