Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boy Valentines Fashion - Layers of Music

I am warning you now : This entry is going to have TONS of photos. I couldn't resist. :D

 I wanted to make Jude a fun little outfit for Valentines day. Boys get so left out I think. With the theme being "Love is in the air" the first thing that came to my mind for a boy was music, and hey, with Jude basically being named after a song, what could be more perfect than a music shirt? 

For the button-down (which I keep calling a button-up shirt - ha!) I bought a pattern from Lily Bird Studio.  I tried the pattern out with another fabric first and did end up making changes. I made the collar wider and slightly bigger, since I didn't like where it landed on the original shirt, and I also made the back placket(?) a bit wider and then instead of a square bottom, I shaped it to how most button-up shirts are. 

Have I mentioned I love layers? I love the look of a t-shirt over a dress-shirt, and with all the really cute faux-suspender shirts I've seen, I really wanted to try one. I refashioned it from a super soft t-shirt with one of my patterns I made a while ago.  This picture is horrible since it was at the end and my little guy was D-O-N-E. But I wanted to show one with him in it alone. 

For the jeans, I just tweaked a pair of my girls old jeans. They were some of my absolute favorites and went through all 3 of my older girls. They were flare jeans though, so we just made them skinny jeans. No pink thread or girly embellishments, so hey, who would ever know they were actually girl jeans??

Then for the very last piece to tie it all together - The Faux bow tie

I really like how it turned out. Here's some other pics:

    (This picture is with one of our "Potato People". Grandma came up with the design and it's SUPER easy to make. My kids all have one and LOVE them.)

 And this is what Jude thought the bow-tie was actually for:

And one more to show off my little guys eyes. I love this little boy! 

 Here's a link to my girl style

Thanks for looking!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Project Run and Play sew along - Week #4

I have been super excited about this weeks theme. As soon as I saw what the theme was, I knew I had the perfect fabric for it. 

Of course I had this awesome idea for what I wanted to do. My inspiration for the skirt is from Matilda Jane.

I love the pockets and the overall look. Even though I know it isn't a circle skirt, I wanted to have it be a circle skirt, so I used Dana's Circle Skirt pattern as a starting point and added ruffles and pockets.

For the shirt, I absolutely LOVE Gap's embellished shirts and have been wanting to make one for the longest time. Of course I used "Love is in the air" for my saying. I first used some Freezer Stencil's for some of the letters. Then decided which would be fabric appliques, buttons, sequins and embroidered. I also decided to add an "envelope" pocket for any and all love letters. I love how it turned out!

Here's some other close ups of it:

So this lovely shirt was washed and although I did prewash the fabric, it still shrank! When we put it on Aevs, It barely went past her belly button and definitely was a belly shirt whenever she tried to move. The bad thing was, no more blue knit......I looked at what I had to try and go with it and saw that I had an old dusky pink tank top in my stash. So I kind of tried to make it look like a double layer. It just really wasn't working though, and that's when the huge ric-rac came in. Besides my apprehension, my daughter really wanted it and hey, if she loves it that's all that really matters! So here is the complete shirt. Her favorite part is the little butterfly at the bottom. lol

I really really wish weather was better, but the last 2 days there was TONS of fog everywhere and last night it started snowing. Yay for such lovely weather! That doesn't make for awesome light for pictures, but here's a bunch we took. You can tell my daughter was in a very silly mood too and not one that was very cooperative..... :D

So overall, I love it. I do have a boy post too, but for now check out all the other awesome talent and ideas at Project Run and Play!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Project Run and Play sew along- Week #3 BOYS!

It has been a super crazy week. We have been dealing with freezing weather, sore throats, throw-up, and fevers. How on earth I've sewn anything is beyond me, and I have actually sewn a ton this week. I've had a little bag filled with already cut shirts to refashion for Jude. Here's all the little shirts I made for him.

I just used another one of his shirts as a pattern and made them all a little bigger so they will be more for the summer. The 2 long sleeve shirts are of really light-weight knit so they wont be super hot either.

After seeing the entries from Project Run and Play, I couldn't get over Max California's entry. I loved the color combo and the circles. I just had to make something with those colors!

I had some black sweat-shirt knit  in my stash and thought an extra sweater would be perfect. I used a pattern from Ottobre Design magazine Summer 2011 to be the base of the sweater. The only real change was making pockets and then adding some decorative stuff. :D

For the pants I used some stretchy canvas fabric and based the start off Peek-a-boo Patterns Shop Skinny Jeans. I widened the legs, added patches and contasting stitches. I also love that they are super light-weight. :D

I had to roll them up since I made them bigger and this is my first kid that's more torso than legs! 
Then I knitted a hat since his somehow keep getting misplaced. 

Jude didn't like the hat though and kept trying to pull it off.

This was not the greatest of photo shoots. We mostly got these looks:

And here's a couple in two more of the shirts:

 The last one I was super lazy and just tried it on over pj's. :D

Yay for most of my unfinished projects done!

I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with for boys week. :D