Sunday, November 17, 2013


 After a lot of growing, thought and getting things figured out, I am moving my blog to
Same blog, different name.
I hope to see you there!! 


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bumblebee Dress Tour

Hi! I am so excited to be a part of RaeAnna's Bumblebee Dress tour! 

When RaeAnna first contacted me I said yes without a hesitation. I mean, have you seen all the cute dresses and tops popping up from this pattern? Then I started looking at my fabric stash......
oh dear....

I can say without a doubt that although I love the fall, I am much more drawn to the bold and crazy colors and prints of Spring and Summer. I have a total of 2 fall-ish prints in my stash.....and neither of them were going to do this dress justice! 

Luckily I took a trip to my mums house during the kids school break and met up with my super awesome sewing friend and we just HAD to do some fabric shopping. I was lucky enough to snag some of this very popular fox fabric. I also picked up some dark pink corduroy that matched the leaves in the fox fabric perfectly. I think it brings such a girly touch to it! 

My next issue was deciding which daughter to make this for. Aevarie (being the oldest girl and biggest) generally gets all the girly sewn goods, but I still want to make a few things for the other 2 girls. 
I finally decided to make it for Zoe, my middle child, since I love this print and wanted it to get a ton of love.

I deviated from the pattern a bit and omitted the ruffles for piping and sleeve cuffs. I also made a thin tie to cinch the waist.

I made the size 6 so that Zoe could get even more wear out of it.
Okay, that actually wasn't done on purpose. I'm so used to tracing the biggest size that I wasn't thinking and traced size 6.....but it really worked out for me! 

The dress came together so easily and the tutorial is great!

We couldn't find buttons we liked, so fabric covered buttons it was! I just love the pop of pink!

Zoe was pretty cold during the photoshoot (the weather has definitely turned!), so I let her put her coat on here and there to warm up.
She was so much more cooperative when she was warm! lol

Just look at that smile!

She sure loves her dress!! 
Thank you so much RaeAnna for having me part of your tour!

The pattern is on sale for $5 during the tour, so you should scoop that up! $5 is a steal! 
Here's the direct link to the pattern in RaeAnna's shop

Or you can try your luck to get a free copy by entering the Rafflecopter below!

And take the time to check out all the other blog spot stops! There are some pretty adorable dresses and tops being shown! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tights and boots are from Gaps Boho Line. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Pattern Anthology - Winter Wonderland

I'm over at my sister blog today, That's What She Crafted, with the other super secret-hush-hush stuff I've been working on. 
Are you jealous?? You should be! ;)

Go check it out!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Super Busy Month

I don't know if I will ever get on an actual schedule with blogging, so in case you just started following me or this is your first time falling upon my blog, we can get that expectation out there in the open.

I have spent all of October sewing, making 29 items. Mostly pattern tests. Some of which I still can't share yet. 

Here are the things I can share though.

First up is the Bimaa Sweater by Loubee Clothing


The two on Aevarie (the blondie) were graded up to a size 8 or 9 (...we'll just say "Aevaries size"), by me. I LOVE this pattern and all the options it has and Aevarie HAD to get one.You can read all about my love in the last post and I am debating drafting one in my size cause it's just plain awesome. 

This month has been a month of jackets and coats. 

The pink is the Downton Duffle by Peekaboo Patterns. It's a size 8 and is supposed to be a much more fitted coat, but I love how it looks on my little miss Zoe (she's in size 5/6 for reference) and she loves it so much, I don't have the heart to part her from it. 

The red and gray Plaid is the Desmond coat by Shwin Designs which is being updated to size 10. I made the size 10 for Aevarie cause she's in between sizing. I love how easily this coat came together and I love the little details of the back and arm cuffs! 

The last one is the Jude coat for Mr. Jude. That coat is also by Shwin and being updated. Sizing is going to go up to size 8 and there are a couple of tweaks in the pattern. 
My husband told me that he thinks I've found my calling in sewing. lol

Then my last sewing share of the post, The Norah Dress and Tunic by Mouse House Creations

It's an extremely versatile pattern, wovens are called for but it's also doable in knit. These aren't the only 3 you'll find in our wardrobe either, but I'm saving that for another day. ;)

What else have we been doing in October? 

We had a birthday. 
My darling Zoe turned 5! 

We just had a small family party with a store bought icecream cake. lol She loved did Jude....

I also got to meet up with one of my best sewing buddies this month. Her kids are darling and it was so good to finally get to meet! I'm really wishing she lived closer, but I can say that I am massively grateful for internet and cell phones to still keep us close. You should check out her blog, Ginger Dimples. Crystal is a hoot and she has mad mad sewing skills (...and is a ton better then I am at blogging!)! 

And lasty, we took the older kids on a little photo shoot while Jude was taking a nap (don't worry, Daddy was left at home with him!).

We really need to get our family pictures redone. It's been over a year since our last ones. Anyone want to come man my camera??? 

Until next time!! 

In retrospect, I COULD have made this into 6 or 7 blog posts, but eh. I'm too busy to do that! Besides, I have a ton more still to blog about so I hope you enjoy!! 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sew Fab Bundle

When I first saw the Sew Fab Bundle I quickly scanned through the patterns and counted the ones I already owned. Then I went through and thought about the ones I wanted, and did the whole "should I, should I not??" Then what did I do? I sat on it for a few days. This is what we call, "wasted sewing time". 
What was I thinking?? Why was I hesitating? I have no idea. But hesitate I did. 

Then somehow the thought hit me of going through and adding up how much it would cost me to get all the other patterns I wanted individually.....
Almost $70! 
So even with me owning 5 of the patterns in the bundle already, I was still saving a TON, and even then, that was only counting the ones that were in my shopping cart already, waiting to be purchased, not the other awesome patterns I'd be getting along with it.

So I bought it immediately!

And well, I had to make up for lost time, so last night I printed out a few patterns, traced, cut out and sewed. 

Here's what Jude wore today:

Not only were these super fast to put together, they are absolutely adorable!

All of my kids are getting one of these outfits. The fancy pants goes to size 10, so beyond having to add a little length to them for my oldest, I am good to go with all my kids. 

The Bimaa sweater will be a little harder. See, it only goes to size 6 and two of my children are bigger then that. So, here's a shout out to Sarah (more like a begging plea) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE (with massive amounts of sugar on top) make this sweater in bigger sizing! Like all the way to mummy sizing while we're at it......

So lets take another look at this awesome bundle that is only available for a few more days:

Soak it in and realize that this is seriously awesome and then stop on over to Scientific Seamstress or Welcome to the Mouse House to see some more amazing things you can make from these patterns and buy your copy before it's gone!! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Signature Girl Style

So, my girl signature style.

I wont give you a super long winded speech this go round.

I'm all over the place with my girls looks. Sometimes they're in t-shirts and jeans, other times they are Matilda Jane girls, and other times they are layered like little granny bags. 

BUT, Hipster still pretty much fits my girls styling as well.
A little crazy, a little pop. It works.

Now here is a confession,

This look was going to be my girl plaid look, but life got busy and luckily it works out just as well for my signature style.

The tunic is from Ottobre 4/2013. I changed the neck up and let the sleeves stay wide.

The cardigan is the Slouchy Cardigan by Heidi & Finn. And in case you aren't familiar with my blog, I L.O.V.E her patterns. You can go here, here, here, here, here, and also here for outfits I've made from her patterns and I still have another to blog about! Like I said, LOVE her patterns.

In case you also did not know, Aevarie is a ham. That is "Tigey" on her head. I just love how serious she can look while he's up there.

On to the rest of the outfit. 
The leggings are from the same issue of Ottobre as the tunic. Super basic and I made them in black knit so that they can go with tons of her other outfits. 

Then the little hat, I just cut out a sqaure, sewed up the two sides and added a band on the bottom. The thing fits me. lol But she loves it and it will keep her little head warm in the winter.

So there you have it! Hipster all the way! 

It was so fun sewing along with Project Run and Play! Here's a recap of all my looks.

I can't wait for the next season to start!

Signature Boy Style - Gangsta Boy

Signature style.

How do you even begin to put a label on it? I've had a really hard time every season trying to articulate "my" style.

With the help of my amazing blogger friends, I was able to pinpoint at least a term to my style. 

If you can't guess it, you can maybe check out my last post


I love trendy, boho, pop, emo, I just love fashion in general. Would I wear all of them? NO. My wardrobe is full of comfy knit shirts and jeans and hoodies and I rarely deviate from that look. Not to mention that I only wear one pair of shoes. Which are basically dead and this is the time that I freak a little about having to shop for some new ones.

When it comes to dressing my kids, I'm a little all over the place. We can start off with my boys.
Gavin's wardrobe is pretty full of button ups and skinny jeans. I love the skater look for him. And I really wish he would let me grow out his hair again. :(  

Here's Judes newest outfit. I'm calling it "Gangsta Boy".

The shirt is an upcycle of  2 of my brothers old shirts......I could have been my sisters boyfriends.....I really don't remember. I drafted my own pattern for it and did some colorblocking on the front and back. 

The Blazer is the Drew Blazer from Cali Faye Patterns. It was extremely fast and easy to sew up. I did add welt pockets. One on each side, since it's reversible. I used the same fabric for both sides and I made it in a very bright blue. It will match a lot of his clothes! 

As for the pants. I am in love with this fabric. I made Jude a pair of skinny jeans out of it last year and well, he's probably going to get a pair every year (or every other year since I don't have too much left!) until I'm out of it. I also have a confession with these pants. I was going to make up a pair of black Chillax pants for him, cause I just can't get enough of those, but then I saw Diorella's entry on the link up and I couldn't resist trying her pattern out with this fabric! She graded the pattern to have 3 sizes (3m, 6m, and 12m) as well as an adorable little button up shirt in the same sizes. I did add half an inch to the legs, since Jude is 15 months old and more on the lanky side. If you can't tell, I'm in love with these little pants, so go check out her pattern!

 I also copied See Kate Sew's zipper idea for that pop of blue in the back. Brilliant idea, seriously!

Last, but not least, is the little hat. I just used knit, cut out a square I thought was roughly the size of Jude's head and added a 2" band at the bottom. I should have made it bigger, but hey, it still does fit and will be great for the oncoming colder months! 

So, there's my "Boy" Signature Style. Stay tuned for my girls look!